About Us

SAAZVAT, a leading product design and engineering services company with emphasis on domain and innovation; provides Product design, Engineering and R&D services to machine design, aerospace, and automotive sectors..

SAAZVAT is headquartered in Chennai and has offices across North America, Europe and Asia.

With its core competency and domain expertise, SAAZVAT is the ideal technology partner for a wide range of engineering solutions. As a global engineering partner, SAAZVAT works in collaboration with its clients across the product development lifecycle by constantly innovating its processes, upgrading team skill-sets and creating resources of well trained engineers to meet the scalability required for the growing demands of the industry.

Strategically located in Chennai, India, best known as the hub for Engineering Services and IT, we primarily cater to the outsourced engineering needs of organizations based out of the USA, Europe, and Asia.

With our comprehensive range of Engineering Services coupled with our manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, we are a one-stop-shop for providing “Design to Build” solutions. When it comes to leveraging global product design and manufacturing philosophy, SAAZVAT is the name to reckon with.

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