SAAZVAT with its agile philosophy for faster adaptability to the ever-changing competitive environment is able to provide the clients across the world with continuous productivity improvements by cutting edge innovations.

SAAZVAT engineering solutions with its large pool of highly experienced and focused automotive experts, has been providing its clients with a competitive edge through its cost-effective services and solutions. SAAZVAT provides end to end solutions to the customer right from the concept design to product launch including product validation (both virtual and physical testing).

SAAZVAT expertise is multi dimensioned and it cuts across all automotive engineering disciplines. The primary areas of expertise are:

  • Seating systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Interior Trims
  • Bumper System
  • BIW Consoles, Safety and Comfort system
  • Design of automotive components using non-conventional materials like EPP for better energy absorption.
  • Aluminum Cast part designs Design of Electrical routing and retention aids
  • Design and synthesis of mechanisms
  • Tool and mold design for injection molded components.

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