Electrical Engineering

  • Design, engineering, drawings & documents for PCC, MCC, Main Panels, Sub Panels, APFC Panels, etc.,
  • Optimal cable tray routing design, cable tray layout and boq of cable trays
  • Preparing specifications for power cables, control cables and instrument cables and finalize the schedule of quantities (boq)
  • Power distribution solutions.
  • Interacting with the client/consultant on any electrical issues until plant is commissioned.
  • Basic engineering services in Electrical involving System Design, selection of main equipment, sizing of Transformers, captive Generators, master Single line diagram, and layout drawings.
  • Detailed Design of Electrical system including EHV and HV Switchyard Equipments, MV/LV power distribution system, Power and Distribution Transformers, Motor Control Centers.
  • Preparation of General Arrangement drawings for Load Centre, Lighting system, Design of Grounding and Lightning Protection Systems,
  • Short Circuit Calculation, Power flow studies, Protection and Metering, etc.,
  • Cable Engineering including cable routing, sizing, calculation of voltage drop/power loss, quantity estimates, etc.,

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