Structural/Piping Design

Civil Structural Design:

  • Development of ground engineering solutions.
  • Land planning.
  • Design of foundations, structural members, support structure.
  • 3-D modeling of structural members.
  • 3-D residential design projects.
  • Rendering.
  • Quantity estimation of civil work.
  • Quantity estimation of residential projects.
  • 3-D model of site plan.

Electrical Design:

  • We offer value added consulting services for your projects.
  • Pre-project planning.
  • Project value engineering.
  • Power & control system documentation.
  • Electrical budget estimation.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation system design.

Project Engineering:

  • Electrical load requirement, M.C.C Panel Design, Cable tray routing, Cable sizes & specification, etc.
  • Detail Design Review.
  • Electrical bill of material preparation.
  • Site co-ordination & inspection.
  • Commissioning & Trouble shooting.

Typical Design Includes:

  • P&ID diagrams.
  • Instrumentation Loop Diagrams.
  • Safety Systems.
  • Electrical Panel Design.
  • Wiring Plans.
  • Motor controls.
  • Designing of control valves.
  • PLC design system.

Piping Design

  • P&IDs, Piping specification, General arrangement drawings, 3D equipments & structural model are some of basic inputs for piping engineering & modeling.
  • Pipe size calculation for piping network for single phase, 2 phase flow.
  • Utility piping network calculations.

Piping stress analysis.

  • Piping design for high vacuum system (less than 1 Torr), High temperature condition, and High pressure condition.
  • No cavitations and flooding for pump design.

3D Piping Layout:

  • Generating 3-D plant layout drawing showing details of structural design & process equipments.
  • Piping material selection, process material tracking and review.
  • Piping routing & module design is accomplished using P&ID.
  • G.A drawings, 3-D piping routing produced on the plant model.
  • Clash detection test performed on the model for any overlap in piping routing.
  • Our engineers generate piping isometric drawings for every pipeline in the plant. The isometric includes all pipe lengths and all necessary datum's identifying the pipe location in the region where it is to be installed.
  • The isometric is the pipe manufacturing drawing and includes a part list identifying all component parts of the pipe being detailed.
  • Preparation of advance bill of material for pump design.


HVAC System:

  • Our team has good experience for designing HVAC systems. We provide 3-D model for the piping & ducting on the architectural background.
  • Designing of optimum duct size with optimum pressure drop for air flow.
  • Calculating heat load for the system requirement.
  • Providing calculations for utility requirement like cooling tower, chilling plants, blowers etc.
  • 3-D model of the piping & ducting system along with floor plan drawings.
  • Conceptual project design & cost estimation.
  • Vendor co-ordination for procurement and commissioning for pump design.

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